Ardublocks for Arduino IDE (>1.8.5) [EN]

Von dlaube am Tuesday, 20.2.2018 12:54

Download for the 1.8.5 compatible version below!

Deutsche Version: hier!

Unfortunately the last version of the ArduBlocks environment you can download is not compatible with the latest Arduini IDE (1.8.5).

There is a possibility to download the source code and modify it to work with it. This procedure involves downloading the source, downloading the dependencies, setting up a build environment and compiling the jar from scratch. That is kind of inconvenient.

To make your life easier, we compiled a compatible version for you to download!


  1. Create the folder structure "tools/ArduBlockTool/tool" inside your Sketchboot directory (See Arduino IDE settings for the exact path)
  2. Copy the downloaded ardublocks.jar in the "tools/ArduBlockTool/tool" directory (Download link below)
  3. Restart the Arduino IDE. You can start ArduBlocks via a buton under "Tools"


Downloadlink: ardublocks.jar (approx. 5,5MB)

Please don't link to the file directly. Link to https://www.dlaube.de/s/ardublock or https://www.dlaube.de/blog/1/Ardublocks-für-neue-Arduino-IDE directly